• 10Dec

    Bloom Into You

    Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and awaits the day she gets a love confession that sends her heart aflutter with bubbles and blushes, and yet when a junior high... Read More

  • 10Dec

    Release the Spyce

    The series is about a girl named Momo who attends high school at the city of Sorasaki. However, she is secretly a member of Tsukikage, an intelligence agency that... Read More

  • 10Dec

    Tsurune: Kazemai High School Kyudo Club

    The story follows Minato Narumiya. Minato played Japanese archery in middle school, but after a certain incident, he ran away from the sport. In high school, Minato... Read More

  • 10Dec

    Megalo Box

    "To be quiet and do as you're told, that's the cowardly choice." These are the words of Junk Dog, an underground fighter of Megalo Box, an evolution of boxing that... Read More

  • 11Nov

    Fate/Extra: Last Encore - Irusterias...

    The final three episodes of Fate/Extra: Last Encore.

    ... Read More
  • 04Nov

    Golden Kamuy Second Season

    Second season of Golden Kamuy.

  • 04Nov

    Little Door Gods

    There's a crisis in the Chinese Spirit World -- humans don't believe in gods anymore! A Door God, facing unemployment, ventures into the human world to prove his... Read More

  • 04Nov

    ReLIFE Final Arc

    After reliving the life of a high school student through the ReLIFE experiment, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki cannot believe how quickly it has changed him. He has begun... Read More

  • 04Nov

    Fireworks, Should We See It from the...

    It's summer, and Norimichi Shimada and his friends want to know if fireworks look round or flat from the side. They forge a plan to find the answer at Moshimo... Read More

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  • Author Date
    What Was The First Anime You Ever Watched?

    Mine Was Saint Seiya

    What was the first anime you ever watched? Join other members of the forum and discuss the shows and movies that made you fall in love with anime. Click here to join other members of the forum and discuss these topics.

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    UQ Holder! English Dub Clip

    UQ Holder!

    A young boy named Tōta is struck down while protecting his guardian, Yukihime, against a ruthless bounty hunter. Though his wounds should have been fatal, Tōta not only survives, he learns the reason behind his limited memories - Yukihime is actually a sorceress and 700-year-old vampire who saved his life two years ago by making him a vampire as well. With his powers awakened,Tōta’s life will only get more interesting when he joins a secret society for outcasts and fellow immortals: UQ Holder.

    Director....................Shannon Reed

    Tōta.........................Brittney Karbowski
    Kuromaru.................Kalin Coates...

  • Author Date
    Top 10 Horror Anime to Watch Before or During Halloween!

    CONTINUE WITH CAUTION: this content my be too messy and bloody for some!

    Also you can watch these shows on Justdubs, besides Corpse Party (Not dubbed):

    Deadman Wonderland http://cureherpesforever.com/watch-deadman-wonderland-english-dubbed
    Tokyo Ghoul http://cureherpesforever.com/watch-tokyo-ghoul-english-dubbed
    Hellsing Ultimate http://cureherpesforever.com/watch-hellsing-ultimate-english-dubbed

  • Author Date
    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2

    (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018

    The newest trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly revisits the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The 20th Dragon Ball movie hits theaters in North America in January 2019.

    • Author Date
      Exclusive Interview - Ian Sinclair @ SakuraCon 2018

      Ian Sinclair!

      Ian Sinclair provides voices for a number of English versions of Japanese anime series. Some of his major roles include: Toraji Ishida, the coach of an all-girls kendo team in Bamboo Blade; Dallas Genoard in the gangster show Baccano!; Douglas Rosenberg, an antagonist in El Cazador de la Bruja; Takeru Oyama, the main character in the harem show Maken-ki!; Brook in One Piece; Juzo Sakakura in the Danganronpa series; Whis in Dragon Ball Super, and the title characters in Toriko and Space Dandy.